Baby Shower Table Decorations Ideas for Girls

Baby shower event is an ancient culture that is still maintained today. Because its value is still embedded in the hearts of the population. Usually they will plan a small party to welcome the birth of a baby that will soon be born in the next two months. Theme parties are also organized free. Depending […]

Trendy Baby Boy Hairstyles That Are Hot

For 2014, there are trendy baby boy hairstyles which are super stylish and cool. From the spiky hairstyles which come with very long top lengths. These hairstyles result on real unique look. Because the very long top lengths make the spiky hairstyles appear longer. Furthermore, these hairstyles are accompanied with the very short sides to […]

Funky Baby Boy Hairstyles for Stylish Look

If you want to make your baby boys look more stylish that other baby boys, here are funky baby boy hairstyles which are highly recommended. First is the fauxhawk hairstyle. This hairstyle is always effective if you want your baby looks like a little fashionist. Simply shaved the sides shortly. And raise the top to […]

Baby Water Play Mat for Lovely Baby

Baby water play mat is a kind of unique items for baby’s daily activity. It can take big role in improving your baby skill. Especially to introduce them about water without even getting wet. The special texture of the play mat will bring special kind of joy and also happiness for the baby. It can […]