Baby Boy Straight Hairstyles That Are Totally Stylish and Cool

If your baby boys have straight hair type, then you can go with baby boy straight hairstyles which will make them look much cooler and stylish. Here are some of those cool hairstyle. First is the stylish pompadour. Since your baby has straight hair type, the pompadour hairstyle will suit best for your baby boys. […]

Little Boy Wavy Hairstyles That Are Easy Styling

Little boys with wavy and curly hair look much cuter. For that, to make them look incredibly cute, here are little boy wavy hairstyles which are so easy styling, perfect for kids. First is the hairstyle for kids with unruly curls hair type. Simply crop the hair about 1 inch long around the head with […]

Children Hairstyles for Bridesmaids with Flowers

The little girls are very cute. They have beautiful face for being bridesmaids in the wedding ceremony. If you want to hold a wedding party, you should include the bridesmaids to be made up. Making them look beautiful is not only for giving them makeup and dressing. But you should deal with the hairstyles also, […]

Lion Baby Costume for Your Baby’s First Halloween

Babies can look so cute in costumes. That is why many parents like to dress their babies in cute and themed costumes. The perfect thing of getting a baby costume is that it does not need a special occasion. And the baby will still look cute. A lion baby costume can look cute for most […]