Cute Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Preparing all matters related to the baby shower is a pleasure for mother-to-be. This event is held only when a woman is expecting her first child and at seven months gestation. Various themes can be chosen to enliven the event and make the atmosphere more memorable. One way is to use cute baby shower themes […]

Fashionable Baby Girl Nike Shoes

It has become a fashion and a lifestyle that is inherent in every need for the baby. Like clothes, design of the room, even the baby shoes. This is attested by the many companies of the adult shoes like Nike. They also manufactures baby girl Nike shoes with the design and colors which are certainly […]

Baby Shower Centerpieces for Boys: DIY

Centerpieces on the party are usually placed to make the dining table looks pretty and it accommodates with the theme. Flowers are usually used as the centerpieces for most party including the baby shower party. However, if you are having a baby shower for a baby boy coming, you might want to find baby shower […]

Owl Themed Baby Shower is Unique

Owl has been a favorite animal to be in trend for the last few years. On the party theme, owl themed baby shower is also on the rise. The animals can be pretty cute when it is in cartoon style with the odd shape and big round eyes. The character can also be sort of […]