Hairstyles for Black Baby Boy 2017

Here are hairstyles for black baby boy which actually work well for the voluminous curly hair type. The first hairstyle is the afro style, this is always catchy with the round voluminous look. If your baby boy has the soft and small also voluminous curly hair type. Then you should let your baby to wear this. Because it will fit best for their hair and it looks so fancy also unique.

The second is one of hairstyles for black baby boy which works for stylish baby is the fade styles. This comes with the chic end of the phased length tapering. It gives real fresh and fantastic look for your baby boy. It’s also so versatile because this offers varied lengths for hair. Especially on the top and crown, you may try well polished fade.

The third is one of hairstyles for black baby boy with the fade hairstyle and the cool afro on the top. The sides are totally shaved neatly with some razored patterns and it is combined with the coll afro on the top which results on real cute and fashionable combination. You may go with the longer length when you want to stand out the afro.