Funky Baby Boy Hairstyles for Stylish Look

If you want to make your baby boys look more stylish that other baby boys, here are funky baby boy hairstyles which are highly recommended. First is the fauxhawk hairstyle. This hairstyle is always effective if you want your baby looks like a little fashionist. Simply shaved the sides shortly. And raise the top to the upward direction to get real faux hawk hairstyle.

Second is one of baby boy hairstyles for curly hair with the slicked back do. If your baby has curly hair type, then you can let him wear the sleek and neat slicked back do. Simply let his hair longer, up to medium length then. Simply style his hair by combing all the hair to back direction. You may tuck the hair behind his ears to give a real funky baby look.

Third is one of funky baby boy hairstyles which works well for baby boy with straight hair type, the side parted with shaved sides. This hairstyle looks quite similar with undercut. But the side parted will give a more authentic and vintage look which is sleek. Then the shaved sides will make this hairstyle appear sleekr and neater. Furthermore, the raised front look will boost this hairstyle.