Cute Baby Shower Themes for Boys Ideas

Cute baby shower themes for boys can be vintage anything. Vintage is on the trend and you can make any theme to a vintage theme. For example, if you are planning to get a race car theme, you can pick out the color of red and checker of black and white as the color and pattern theme. To make it cute and unique, make the cars shape in vintage race car along with the vintage themed fonts.

Another cute baby shower theme ideas are the bowtie or carriage theme. While bowtie is specifically for a baby shower theme for baby boy, the carriage is more of a neutral theme depending on the color. If you are interested in making bowtie as the theme, you can put the bowtie everywhere like making the invitation forms. Like the front of a tuxedo with bowtie, and bowtie liners on the cake and cupcakes.

You can find the right cute baby shower themes for boys with the favorite thing of the expecting mommy. The details can be applied on the invitations, favors, deserts and wall decorations. Putting all effort to create the right detail is needed when you are planning a baby shower for your loved ones.